The following is a list of rules that you are to follow on this wiki. Any serious rules broken will result in getting banned. 


Like it says on the front page, blogs don't have to be about interviews, but keep your blogs on topic and have at least two sentences in them.

  • No Spoilers
  • No Trolling


While in chat, if you do not follow the folllowing rules, you will be kicked from chat by a chat mod, but in really bad postitions you will be banned by a admin.

  • No Spoilers
  • No Trolling
  • No Bullying


This wiki obviously focuses on interviews, although you have to be an admin to publish interviews you can send a message to either of the admins with details of a actor.

  • No vandalizing
  • No publishing (Unless you are an admin)
  • No offensive or rude comments left to either the interviewer or the interviewed person.